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Buying or selling a property? The process of acquiring or selling a property is not an easy task. The conclusion of sale does not end after paying the property and acquiring the Deed of Sale. One of the most challenging steps in the process of transferring the land title from the seller’s name to that of the buyer. The completion of the sale concludes when the Land Title Transfer happened, and it is only when the property is already named to the new owner.

It is important to have the land or lot title transferred. It will protect both the seller and the new owner from both tax obligations and proof of new ownership of the property.

How do you transfer land title?

Before acquiring a property, you should already have a land title transfer plan. Since it is a tedious and long process, you have to make sure that if you are not able to do it yourself, you have already engaged someone for professional help. CG Garcia Appraisal and Land Title Services have helped our clients experience a seamless process when transferring their land titles. With our proven track record of servicing many individuals and corporate clients, coupled with our mission to provide professional real estate services, we are the preferred partner for your land title transfer needs.

Below are the steps and process we do to assist you.

  1. File and secure the required documents at the Office of the Bureau of Internal Revenue Regional District Office (BIR RDO)
  2. Secure assessment of transfer taxes at the BIR and any of the authorized agent bank, Municipal / City Treasurer’s Office
  3. File documents at the BIR for the issuance of Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR) or BIR Clearance
  4. Pay the Transfer Taxes and secure the Tax Clearance at the Local Treasurer’s Office
  5. File documents at the Registry of Deeds for the issuance of new land title
  6. File documents at the Municipal or Provincial Assessor’s Office for the issuance of new Tax Declaration

Below is a list of some of the required documents to process the land title transfer:

  • Payment of Capital Gains Tax
  • Original Deed of Absolute Sale
  • Original Transfer Certificate of Title
  • 2 Certified True Copy of TCT from Registry of Deeds and Official Receipt/ Acknowledgment Receipt
  • Certified True Copy of the latest Tax Declaration
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) of the seller (BIR Form No. 1904)
  • Photocopy of seller's government issued ID e.g. Passport
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) of the buyer (BIR Form No. 1904)
  • Photocopy of buyer's government issued ID e.g. Driver's License
  • BIR Form No. 1706
  • BIR Form No. 2000-OT
  • Notarized letter to the Register of Deeds requesting a new TCT be issued
  • Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR)
  • Original Transfer Certificate of Title
  • Original Deed of Absolute Sale
  • Original Transfer Tax Receipt from Assessor's Office Municipal Hall
  • Original Tax Clearance Certificate from Municipal Hall
  • Original Capital Gains Tax (BIR Form No. 1706)
  • Original Documentary Stamp Tax (BIR Form No. 2000- OT) with receipts
  • Tax Declaration of Real Property
  • Certified True Copy of TCT & show Original TCT
  • Certified True Copy of Certificate Authorizing Registration
  • Certified True Copy of Deed of Absolute Sale
  • Certified True Copy of latest Tax Declaration (in the name of the previous owner)

It is very important to remember that the ownership of a Tax Declaration should always be done after Land Title Transfer as the name on the new Land Title should be same as with the name indicated on the Tax Declaration.

Transferring a land title is not easy and it requires a long and tedious process which can last for several months to complete. So if you are seeking for a lot transfer or land title transfer services, CG Garcia Appraisal and Land Title services will surely be of help.

If you are looking for professional help on you land title transfer, CG Garcia Appraisal and Land Title Services will be of help. We are located at JASA Avenue corner Lazatin Blvd., City of San Fernando Pampanga.

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